She is powerful,
Without needing to be heard.
She paints her own world with colour.
Unapologetically setting her own rules,
She lives by following her quiet inner strength.


Jasmine Law’s line of luxury jewellery specialises in structural pieces designed for modern women. Inspired by femininity and futurism, her bold and elegant jewellery pieces can be worn as minimalist sculptures.

Each jewellery piece is designed and crafted in London using the finest materials, imaginative design processes and skilled craftsmanship.

 About the designer

Jasmine brings her own multidisciplinary experience across product design, fashion and technology to her own jewellery brand. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she first came to London a decade ago to study art and design. Following her studies at Central Saint Martins and Brunel university, she worked at different jewellery and fashion houses, including a tech startup where she helped design a line of luxury wearable technology products.

Jasmine started her own jewellery brand in 2016. She designs and prototypes her pieces in her own East London studio.

For bespoke pieces please email info@jasminelaw.com